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​Limfjorden Bioenergi, Denmark, invests in new Malmberg biogas upgrading unit.

Pressmeddelande   •   Maj 15, 2018 07:00 CEST

Limfjorden Bioenergi at site Mors

Limfjorden Bioenergi Aps takes a step further and increase their biogas production at site Mors and invests in a Malmberg Compact® GR 20 upgrading unit. The unit will treat 2000 Nm3 raw biogas per hour and is planned to be in operation during the spring of 2019.

The construction of Limfjordens Bioenergi started in August 2008 and it was the first farmer owned centralized biogas plant in Denmark. The production of biogas is based solely on livestock manure. Annually, the biogas plant treats 390.000 tons of slurry. The annual production of biogas is 4,3 million m³. During winter, heat from the gas engine is sold to the local heat and power plant. Limfjordens Bioenergi Aps. ownership is divided between E.on, Bigadan and local biogas farmers.

André Carlsson, Business Area Director, Malmberg Biogas

“We are happy to once again be the biogas upgrading partner to Bigadan in Denmark. It shows that our technology and the hard work we put down in being no 1 in availability for our upgrading units matter.”

Malmberg has a long experience in biogas upgrading with over 100 units in operation around Europe. Malmberg FeniX™ is a unique automation- and control system specially developed for the Malmberg biogas upgrading Compact®. It enables remote control, quick responses and a high availability.
In Denmark, Malmberg upgrading units are in operation at 10 different locations and two more are now under production. For Bigadan, Malmberg has earlier delivered a Malmberg Compact® GR 14 upgrade facility in Horsens biogas plant.

Om Malmberg

Malmberg är ett miljöteknikföretag som designar, bygger, underhåller och supporterar anläggningar för vatten, biogas och geoenergi. Omsättning är cirka 500 MSEK med 170 anställda. Företaget grundades redan 1866 och är familjeägt i femte generationen. Malmberg arbetar för en bättre miljö under mottot "Ren energi. Rent vatten."

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